Frequently Asked Questions

This election, Lauren already has seven Republican opponents running against her. There will inevitably be an onslaught of attacks against her with untrue statements made. We wanted you to hear the truth from us. Below are some frequently asked questions that we wanted to make sure you had the answers to:

Why is Lauren running for Congress?

Lauren is a registered nurse from Naperville who has spent her career fighting to expand access to affordable healthcare for communities across the country. At age eight, Lauren was diagnosed with a pre-existing condition, and was inspired to work in healthcare because of the care she received from her doctors and nurses as a child.

Last spring, Lauren attended Mr. Hultgren’s one and only public event of 2017. It was a question and answer session hosted by the League of Women Voters in St Charles, IL, where she heard him make a promise to protect health coverage for individuals with pre-existing conditions. As a nurse, she knows how important affordable coverage is for patients, and as an American with a pre-existing condition, this promise was personal. Mr. Hultgren later voted for the American Health Care Act, the version of Obamacare repeal that could make health coverage cost prohibitive for individuals with pre-existing conditions. Lauren decided to run for Congress to fight for affordable health care for the 300,000 individuals in IL-14 with pre-existing conditions whose care was put in jeopardy by that vote.

Where was Lauren born?

Lauren was born in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. She moved to Naperville with her family at age three.

Where does Lauren live?

Lauren lives in the neighborhood of White Eagle, located in Naperville, Illinois. She moved back to Naperville, after serving in the Obama Administration, to work for Next Level Health, a Medicaid managed care company in Chicago.

What is Lauren’s background? Is she really a nurse?

Yes, Lauren is a registered nurse licensed in three jurisdictions: Maryland, Washington D.C., and Illinois. She specializes in public health nursing, and has a dual Masters degree in Public Health and Nursing.

Lauren earned a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan, and completed thousands of clinical hours in various settings including pediatric intensive care, discharge planning, local health departments, psychiatric partial programs, and medical-surgical units.

After graduating Magna cum Laude from Michigan in 2008, Lauren enrolled in her Masters program at Johns Hopkins University, where she also worked as a research nurse.

In June of 2010, Lauren began a career in public service at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. There she worked to implement the Affordable Care Act. Later in 2014, as an Obama administration appointee, Lauren worked on public health emergencies and disasters like the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. Lauren has taught advanced practice nursing students as an instructor at Georgetown University School of nursing and health studies since 2013.

Her Illinois Registered Nurse License Number is #IL:041.449058. Her Maryland Registered Nurse License Number is #R184104. Her Washington D.C. Registered Nurse License Number is #RN1027470.

Lauren is certified in Basic Life Support by the American Heart Association, and is a proud member of Sigma Theta Tau International (the Honor Society of Nursing), and the American Nurses Association.