Lauren Attends End of Summer BBQ Potluck Picnic in Cary, IL

Lauren introduces herself to BBQ attendees and shares her energy for the race ahead

Lauren introduces herself to BBQ attendees and shares her energy for the race ahead

On Sunday, August 13th, I attended a potluck picnic in Cary, IL hosted by Cary-Grove-4H-Club, Action for a Better Tomorrow-McHenry County, Indivisible IL14, McHenry County Progressives, and McHenry County Progressive Democrats. 

The picnic was held at a beautiful residence along the banks of the Fox River and attendees enjoyed watching neighbors pass by on jet skis and pontoon boats, soaking up the final rays of sunshine and summer memories before school starts on Monday. It was hard not to notice the yellowed grass that made up the first 30 feet of coast line -- evidence of the recent flooding that has plagued much of McHenry County. It served as a good reminder of the real-life impacts of dramatic weather events and why we need leaders who acknowledge the reality of climate change and are willing to work for solutions.  

Luckily, this residence was set back from the waterfront by at least 100 yards up a slight incline and was unharmed by the flooding. This large, yellow house was a communal living residence, where neighbors shared space, a riverfront yard, vegetable garden and even chickens. I love how these folks embodied community in their living style and their welcoming spirit.  

The BBQ was a chance for community members to hear from democratic congressional candidates in IL-14 and IL-6 as well as from other state and local campaigns. I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with attendees about my passion for affordable healthcare coverage, my focus on jobs and my commitment to accountability. I'm looking forward to staying in touch and seeing everyone at future meetings or Facebook Live events!

- Lauren