Statement in Response to Parkland Shooting Tragedy

Thoughts and prayers will not stop the next school shooting. We need leaders with the courage to take action. I support common-sense gun safety laws like universal background checks, closing gun show loopholes, banning bump stocks, preventing Concealed Carry Reciprocity, and preventing all domestic abusers and stalkers from gaining access to these deadly weapons. As a nurse, I know the importance of research and we must repeal the Dickey Amendment in order to finally allow federal research on the public health issue of gun violence. 

What happened this week in Parkland, FL was heartbreaking and I’m devastated that we weren’t able to protect these children. On the heels of the 10 year anniversary of the shooting at Northern Illinois University, our IL-14 community, unfortunately, knows the cruel reality of these far too frequent tragedies. I will not tolerate these mass shootings as commonplace occurrences or grow accustomed to gun violence in our community. We need a President and Members of Congress who will acknowledge our gun violence problem and commit to action. I will be a leader on this critical issue in Congress.