Lauren Underwood on the GOP Tax Scam: Hultgren's Vote Hurts Northern Illinois

We saw it coming: Randy Hultgren voted in lockstep with Washington Republicans to pass a tax bill that hurts working people and families in order to line the pockets of corporations and wealthy donors. He did this knowing that the majority of Americans do not support this bill. And why would we? It explodes the national deficit, sets the stage for massive cuts to Social Security and Medicare, and jeopardizes health care for millions of Americans.

In all of my conversations across the 14th, I have heard one message loud and clear: tax reform should be simple and fair, putting the middle class and small businesses first. This GOP Tax Bill is a scam and Randy Hultgren’s support for it is unacceptable. Today, he voted to appease wealthy donors rather than look out for families in the Illinois 14th. I look forward to holding him accountable for this vote next November.