Top Marks from Social Security Activist Jon “Bowzer” Bauman!

Many know Jon “Bowzer” Bauman from his days with musical group Sha Na Na, but Bowzer is also a passionate advocate for Social Security. He delivered his endorsement, along with that of Social Security Works PAC, to a crowd of seniors in Huntley, IL, along with several modified version of his rock n’ roll hits.

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Bauman noted that Hultgren has received a lifetime score of three out of 100 from the Alliance for Retired Americans. “As I sang during 'Born To Hand Jive' in the movie 'Grease:' ‘how low can you go?'" he asked, referring to Hultgren’s rating. Bauman closed the event with a special rendition of Sha Na Na’s “Goodnight Sweetheart.” “Goodnight Randy Hultgren, well, it’s time to go,” he sang, with backing vocals from the crowd. Learn more