My daughter needs Lauren in Congress. Here's why.

One year ago this week, Republicans in Congress voted to repeal health care. This week, we’re sharing stories from people across the 14th District whose lives would be impacted by that repeal.


Hi there—I’m Marci Simmons. I live in Lake Villa here in the 14th District, and I’m writing to let you know why it’s so, so important to me that we elect Lauren this November. It really comes down to this: The future of our health care system—and my child's well-being—depend on it.

As an occupational therapist with a master's degree in public health, and the parent of a child with a pre-existing condition, I’ve seen the health care debate from both sides. After hearing Lauren speak here in Lake County, I know she’s the only candidate who can help fix our deeply broken system—which is why I’m asking you to join me in supporting her. 

In my two decades as a healthcare provider, I’ve seen health care become less about people and more about profits. My paperwork has increased, my battles with insurance companies to provide necessary care are longer and more challenging.

In 2014, the battle became personal. For two months I watched my 12-year-old daughter, Ashley, endure symptoms including heart palpitations, anemia, nausea, diarrhea, and fever, before she was finally diagnosed with Crohn’s disease (a lifelong debilitating disease of the digestive tract).

It took two years of trial and error to find a medication that kept Ashley healthy. She’s now 15, and she will depend on this medication for the rest of her life. The cost is currently $3,600 a month before insurance—currently covered half by insurance and half by the pharmaceutical company's assistance program. I worry every day that the pharmaceutical company will end their assistance, that health care laws will change and Ashley’s condition will affect her ability to be covered by insurance.

The situation is scary. We need a medical professional like Lauren—who not only knows the system firsthand but has worked to improve it in Washington—to support us in Congress by making sure insurance remains affordable and pre-existing conditions are covered. Randy Hultgren has voted against both—so let’s vote him out.

I’m looking forward to seeing Lauren represent the 14th District.