12 Pills A Day

One year ago this week, Republicans in Congress were voting to repeal health care. This week, we’re sharing stories from people across the 14th District whose lives would be impacted by that repeal. From Mart O'Connor of North Aurora:

Mart and family.jpg

I'm a former reading specialist in District 204, including at Lauren's former high school, Neuqua Valley. When I learned that Lauren lives with a pre-existing condition of her own, I knew she would understand my own fear of losing coverage. With my history of multiple autoimmune diseases, repealing the health care law would result in my having to pay extremely expensive premiums or having no coverage at all.

Being diagnosed with myositis in 2016 was especially devastating. I couldn't walk upstairs, lift my arms, or get out of a chair without assistance. I’m now in remission with a regimen of no less than 12 pills a day. Even with a drug plan, my monthly co-pay is $500—and we occasionally struggle to pay it. I can’t imagine what will happen if I lose my healthcare coverage in the future.

Mart's pills.jpg

Lauren's stance on affordable health care hits home for me. She can identify with all of us who have health concerns, and in Congress she will work to protect our health care coverage, unlike our current representative, Randy Hultgren, who has voted repeatedly to take it away. Let's get Lauren elected in November!

Ready to get to work to elect Lauren? Visit https://www.underwoodforcongress.com/ready-to-get-to-work/