Candidate Forum organized by Fox Valley Action for Justice

Last night I attended the IL-14th's first candidate forum, hosted by Fox Valley Action for Justice. It was encouraging to see a crowd of over 100 people show up on a Sunday evening to hear from the five Democratic candidates in this race. We took questions from the organizers and the audience and I shared my thoughts on priorities for the 14th: protecting and expanding our access to health care, investing in our local economy through infrastructure and access to capital for small businesses, and preserving our democracy by demanding accountability from our elected officials. 

It was exciting to be able to participate in my first open forum, but my favorite part of the night was getting to speak 1-on-1 with folks in the reception afterwards. So much of what we hear in politics are sound-good talking points. I have seen first hand the complexities of enacting real legislation and I believe that most issues are not black and white. I love having the opportunity to talk with folks in more detail about their concerns and real, practical solutions. 

I am excited for the race ahead and know that we have what it takes to #Flipthe14th next November. I hope you'll join me!


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