Hurricane Harvey

I have been heartbroken by the devastation Hurricane Harvey has caused in southeast Texas.  While working in the Obama Administration, I was on the federal response team for many emergencies and disasters. I have been in evacuation shelters in the immediate aftermath of major storms, and the stories of these survivors have stayed with me to this day.  Many shelters and residents rely on local organizations to provide immediate assistance to folks in need.  Below is an incomplete list of a few of local organizations that I'm aware of. However you choose to lend a hand, please join me in continuing to pray for those in the storm path, and also all of the responders who are bravely working to save and protect lives.  

Texas Diaper Bank:
Houston Food Bank:
Food Bank of Corpus Christi:
Galveston County Food Bank:
Portlight (disaster relief to disabled, specifically):
Houston Coalition for the Homeless:
Boys and Girls Club of Greater Houston:
Houston Emergency Aid Coalition:
United Way of Greater Houston:
SPCA of Texas: