Lauren Underwood Responds to House GOP Tax Plan

Today, the GOP passed HR-1, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act with a “Yes” vote from Rep. Randy Hultgren. Lauren Underwood, Democratic Candidate for Congress in the Illinois 14 district, released the following statement in response:

“The middle class tax hike developed by GOP House leadership passed today with support from Randy Hultgren. Families in the 14th congressional district deserve a leader who is looking for real solutions to create jobs and improve the lives of middle-class families. Instead, Randy Hultgren is once again putting politics ahead of thousands of families in our community.

Our tax system already overburdens middle-class families with paying more than their fair share of taxes, and needs to be fixed. We need real tax reform that cuts taxes for middle-class families and small businesses, so we can grow the economy, create jobs and reduce the debt. Today’s GOP Tax Plan does the opposite: massively increases the debt to cut taxes for the rich and big corporations, leaving future generations to pay the bill.

Families across the Illinois 14 congressional district deserve better than Randy Hultgren’s failed leadership on taxes, jobs and health care. From Antioch to Warrenville, middle class families have spoken out against the GOP Tax Plan. Randy Hultgren has ignored us, and we will hold him accountable for this decision next November.”