AKAs for Lauren Underwood

Help us send Soror Lauren Underwood to Congress! 


meet soror Lauren

Lauren was initiated into Beta Eta chapter in 2007 and is courageously running for Congress in her hometown outside of Chicago. Lauren is a nurse and Obama alum who is committed to public service.

Lauren embodies her commitment to “service to all mankind”. She is fighting to protect our access to health care and knows that the election in 2018 is a serious matter.

Soror Lauren needs our help to unseat a far-right conservative who was first elected in the Tea Party wave in 2010. Lauren won her primary in March of 2018 with 57% of the vote!

Now is the time to support a truly phenomenal woman who will be a fantastic member of Congress. She’s going to look out for us.

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Soror Lauren is running in one of the most competitive congressional races in the country and she needs your help.  Donate securely online or by mail Help us raise $10,000 by October 30th!